Summer BBQ Ideas: How to Style Your Outdoor Space with Boho Flair

Gather your favourite people together for a barbecue that’s truly Insta-worthy!

The sun is shining; the cicadas are singing and the scent of grilling sausages is emanating right across the neighbourhood. Gathering around the humble barbecue is a staple of the Aussie summer, but that doesn’t mean the event has to be ordinary. With a few savvy design touches, it’s easy to style up your barbecue party so it’s as gorgeous to look at as it is delicious.

Boho is the Way to Go

As with tackling any new space, creating a plan of action can be a daunting task. Luckily, we’ve checked in with interior stylist Rahnia Mackey to find out the best way to style your grilling space for this summer season. With a few simple upgrades and a bit of rearranging, you can have the grilling space of your dreams, perfect for your next backyard barbecue.

“When the weather heats up we love getting outdoors and having barbecues with our family and friends,” says interior stylist Rahnia Mackey. “This can be overwhelming for some if they don’t have outdoor settings big enough to cater for everyone, so I say go boho.” “Boho is a style that embraces mix and match so achieving this look is easy,” she says. 

According to Rahnia, simply gathering chairs and benches from around your home is a great way to add additional seating outside. She suggests grabbing your dining table with a fresh outdoor tablecloth and decorating it with whatever flowers and greenery you have in your backyard. Candles and accents from around your home make for great centrepieces, making this a look almost anyone can achieve. For those without enough chairs, go picnic style with oversized cushions and pillows for a cosy, welcoming feel, perfect for your next Insta-capture. 

Keep it simple

If you don’t want to create a unifying theme but still want your barbecue to look pretty, simple touches can make all the difference. Elevating your space can be as simple as upgrading your tableware and serving ware in one colour, turning your drinks into decorative features by filling large jugs with blueberries, strawberries and mint leaves.

When planning your space, think about how your guests will gather, too. Assembling different small stations where chairs and stools are clustered together will encourage people to move around instead of hovering around the snack table. Setting up lawn games such as croquet and giant Jenga will keep your guests entertained while food is prepared

Looking for more? Try these other ideas:

  • hang bunting and fairy lights 
  • add mason jars with candles (bonus: citronella candles are perfect for keeping bugs at bay) 
  • fill mismatched vases filled with wildflowers 
  • hang white balloons filled with pastel-coloured confetti
  • fill your (clean) wheelbarrow with ice for a rustic-looking place for guests to keep their drinks cool
  • scatter petals around your table

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