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If you’re a Retailer you’ll be happy to know that finally, here’s a ‘Homemaker Super Centre’ that doesn’t lockdown and is open for business all of the time…

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Welcome to – the ONLINE Homemaker Super Centre exclusively for established Bricks-and-Mortar (BnM) Retailers with a strong physical-store and brand presence. may well be the location you’ve been looking for to open your latest retail store and its one where you won’t need to provide the landlord a bank guarantee for the lease or spend thousands upon thousands on a shop fitout – and you won’t even need to employ additional store managers and sales staff! aims to bring together the biggest and the best Retailers so that Customers can find their ‘favourite and most trusted homemaker retailers all in one (online) place’ – hopefully, that includes you! 

And unlike other Ecommerce / Online marketplaces, will remain focussed on making our Retailers the ‘hero’ rather than the website itself. So now, you no longer need to fight on your own for Online presence and cut-through. is a place where Customers can shop with confidence from brands they know and recognise and from Retailers they’ve come to trust. Businesses that have a very real, and physical store presence. 

With over 30 years in the industry, we understand the benefits of being located in Shopping Centres and Precincts with similar Retailers; customers are drawn to them for convenience, choice and comparison and the bigger and better the Centre, the more traffic they tend to generate. works on a similar premise (without the premium rents of course) and that is; a strong collective and critical mass of high calibre Retailers – but there’s also a number of big differences… 

Firstly, is not a landlord and we’re not focussed on rental revenues but rather, we’re an ‘Online Centre’ driven to enhance and maximise Customer engagement and we’re purely motivated by the Customer experience and the success of our Retailers. – now that’s got to be a little refreshing, doesn’t it..! 

As a ‘Centre’ we aim to keep Customers connected through a number of beneficial on-platform features as well as centre-wide value-add initiatives aimed at making their absolute Number-1 online Homewares shopping destination. Some of these features and initiatives include;

As a ‘Centre’ we aim to engage with Customers and keep them connected through a number of strategies designed to maximise sales opportunities for our Retailers while also providing real benefits to Customers. Some of these initiatives include;

HMC Shopping Coupons
Membership and Rewards Points Programs
Exclusive Deals and Special SALE Events
Navigation and format options aimed at providing a seamless shopping experience and improving cross-selling opportunities for all Retailers
Personal Customer DesignBoards.
Professional Stylists DesignBoards that shoppable or Customers can use for guidance and inspiration
Professional Stylists Tips, Blogs and Reviews
Free Subscription to HMCentral Life e-magazine filled with Retailer editorials and backstories along with product launches, various general content and Retailer advertisements
Critical mass and spoilt for choice! Huge collective or high-calibre Retailers offering massive range of products across all categories – all under ‘one roof’
Ability for Customers to shop from one or multiple HomeMakerCentral Retailers and checkout from one centralised checkout-point in a single transaction

If you’re a BnM Homemaker Retailer and would like to learn more about joining then please click on the tab below, tell us who you are and one of our Business Development Managers will be in touch with you very shortly. 


HomeMakerCentral is destined to become the one-stop favoured online destination for Homemaker Customers – join the evolution!